All classic cake and sweet treat orders must be placed online at www.rosenascreation.com SEVEN (7) days in advance and all specialty cake orders FOURTEEN (14) days in advance via email at rosenascreation@hotmail.com. If you submit an order in any form within any time less than this requirement, if the Cake Doc can fit you in, there will be a late fee assessed. For classic cakes and sweet treats, $15 and specialty cakes, $25.
Make sure to place all specialty cake orders EARLY! The Cake Doc wants to provide you the BEST product and therefore will NOT overbook cake orders. Please send all quote requests to rosenascreation@hotmail.com with number of servings, theme and any other details you would like added to your cake ASAP. This will ensure that I can return a quote in a timely manner, you can pay the required deposit and you can rest assure that your spot will be held for the special occasion.
Delivery is provided for specialty orders within a certain radius of our home bakery. Inquire with the Cake Doc while placing your order if this is necessary. Extra cost will be assessed for locations outside city limits.
Enroll in our NEW birthday club. Each month I will be doing a random birthday giveaway with a free Mya’s mini, cookies or brownies of your choice. Please send all birthdays to rosenascreation@hotmail.com ASAP. Drawings will be held the 15th of each month. Cake Doc wants to make your birthday celebration even more special.
Purchase GIFT CARDS all year long. They are offered in $10, $25 and $50 increments. Don’t want a cake right now? Hold on to the GIFT CARD and use it for the specials that will be posted throughout the year. They expire within a year of the date of purchase 😊!